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Points to Note:

  • Blue Xanax bars come from the same class of drug as other forms, popularly known as Benzodiazepines.
  • The volume of Blue Xanax pills is 2mg per tablet.
  • It is the most highly effective medicine form of Xanax bars among the other forms.
  • The first variant of the drug got approval in October 1981.

Use of Blue Xanax bars –

The medicine of Blue Xanax bars comes under the category of Benzodiazepine drugs that are useful in many treatments. Xanax tablets are the most commonly prescribed medication in the US that treats psychiatric issues. That’s why; most people think it is normal to use the medicine without taking advice from a health expert. The on-label usage of Blue Xanax bars is to treat the following issues –

The Blue Xanax bar comes in a rectangular shape and is available in blue colour medication. The volume of the drug in each tablet consists of a 2mg drug dose. More so, do not take the drug in excessive amounts as it can be harmful to the condition. There are several other medicines that fall under the same class of drugs. However, you cannot use any other medication unless you do not have a prescription from a health expert.

How does a Blue Xanax bar work?

The medication works well on human health when you use the drug as per the prescription of your health advisor. The drug’s chemical formulation acts upon the brain and the CNS and produces a calming effect.

More so, the tablet of Blue Xanax bars decreases the abnormal excitement in the brain and makes you feel normal. Thus, the medicine slows down the movement of chemicals inside the brain that were responsible for causing imbalance. The FDA restricts from use of the drug for recreational purposes as it may have a wrongful impact on human health.

Types of Xanax bars –

The various forms of Xanax bars that are available for use come with specific guidelines. It’s essential to know that the drug is mainly helpful in treating symptoms of anxiety and similar issues. Therefore, a person must not take medicine for reasons that are not rightfully associated with the drug.

  • Blue Xanax bars It is a blue pill that comes in a rectangular shape. The drug comes with a unique imprint of B707 that makes it easy to differentiate from another form of medicine. Doctors mainly prescribe Blue Xanax pills when a person suffers from moderate to severe anxiety conditions. Furthermore, the drug is available by other street names as well.
  • Green Xanax bars The tablets of Green Xanax bars are often popular with hulk Xanax or monster Xanax. Moreover, these names originate with the name and colour of the pills. The drug comes with a unique imprint of S 90 3 and has the same strength as other forms of Xanax.
  • Yellow Xanax bars These are the most popular dosage form of Xanax bars that has a unique imprint of R 039. The pills are commonly popular as “school bus” for their shape and colour on the street side. In general, there’s no difference among the forms of Xanax except for the change in colour and unique imprints.
  • White Xanax bars It is the most common colour of medicine that is acquired by almost every pharmaceutical firm. There are various manufacturers of the drug, which is why it has different unique imprints – G 3722, GG 249, and others.


The person using the drug for the first time should know that it does have a severe impact if used without consultation. When you type the word “Xanax bars” to make the purchase online, you’ll see that there are various forms of Xanax bars available in the market. However, it’s essential that you purchase the same medicine that your doctor prescribes.

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